The Navigation System of the Republic of Azerbaijan

“AzNav”- About the country's first official Navigation System


 “AzNav” –The navigation system of the Republic of Azerbaijan was developed on the basis of the information of Address Registry Information System of State Committee on Property Issues and was put into operation in the beginning of 2017. It is possible to find any selected address with the AzNav mobile application on the fastest and optimal route. AzNav- navigation system has the opportunity to show all alternate ways from one address to another   within a short period and with a shortest route for searching and finding of address over the capital and regions by covering the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


 “AzNav” has the opportunity to work online and offline. The system works on all types of mobile devices available in Android, iOS (Apple), Windows CE operating systems. In order to download Android-based mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.), you can access the Play Market and download and use them by typing and downloading AzNav. It is possible to download the program from the App Store for iOS (Apple Producer) operating system mobile devices (phone, tablet, etc.). At the same time in order to download AzNav it can be download by accessing to http: // AzNav Portal.


The properties of AzNav:

  1. The ability to work in 10 languages (both interface and voice monitoring);
  2. Search by new and old addresses according to objects;
  3. Determining the traffic jams and choosing the optimal route;
  4. Speed limit on the road;
  5. Surveillance cameras and radars on the road;
  6. Pedestrian crossings;
  7. Gas stations, restaurants, parking and other service and catering objects on route;
  8. Time of reaching the final address, taking into account the density and speed limit on the route;
  9. SOS button (112 direct calls) in case of accident;
  10. Reflection in night and day mode;
  11. Capability of 3D mapping;
  12. The possibility of transferring current location to other users;
  13. The ability to select multiple objects on one route;
  14. The information about the location of the tourist facilities in the country and the routes for them to go comfortably.